Life Education


Life Education in our school aims to equip students with positive values and attitudes. They will be more likely to know right from wrong and make correct and objective decisions when they come across problems in different stages of their lives. They will be more able to cope with different difficulties and challenges in the future.

The Life Education Division has participated in the "Tuen Mun District Citizen Education and Promote Integrity Parent-Child Story Competition". Our students won various awards in different categories. Details are as follows:

Awards Student


3B Fu Luna

Primary school parent-child group runner-up

6B Huang Ka Ying

Merit Award in Primary School Parent-Child Group

3A Liu Hoi Ching

Merit Award in Primary School Intermediate Group

6C Lu Yuk

Merit Award in the Senior Group


 In 2021-22, the Life Education Department participated in " a Developing Talent and Building Character" project and organized the following different activities. Here are the details:




6th Oct. 2021

Questioning Skills Workshop

 Interviewing Skills Workshop aimed at improving students' interviewing skills, this workshop was moderated by Ms. Ao Yumei (NGO YUK MEI).

24th Nov,2021

Photography skills Workshop

The photography skills workshop aims to improve students' with photography skills.

4th Dec, 2021

 “Dialogue in the dark”parent-child activity

Venue: Dialogue In The Dark Jockey Club Dialogue Experience Place

The purpose of the parent-child visit is to cultivate students' empathy, reduce prejudice, cherish everything they have in life and use positive thinking to face various difficulties in life.  Participating in  "A Journey of Dialogue in the Darkness" parent-child  activity  , was a new and unique experience for students to conduct multi-sensory exploration, perceive the things around them in a completely dark environment, and challenge their senses beyond sight.

8th Dec,2021

Celebrity Interview

  • Interviewee: The initiator of HK Physical Handicap  And Able Body Floor Curling Association 
  • Mr. Lam Yiu Kwok
  • The purpose of this celebrity interview was to let students realize that sports have no boundaries and everybody can join as well as cultivate students' perseverance.
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