Student Support

Promoting Integrated Education (IE) in accordance with the five basic principles of Early Identification, Early Intervention, Whole School Approach (WSA), Home-school Co-operation, and Cross-sector Collaboration. We support students in need in various aspects such as learning, social interaction and affection, aiming to inspire students with different abilities, leading them to have fun in learning, and improving their learning effectiveness.
  • Adopt a Whole-School Approach to build a caring and inclusive campus culture.
  • Support students with special needs by early identification and intervention.
  • ” 3-Tier Support Model” is established to help students with Special Educational Needs.
  • Adjustments to homework and assessments for students with low academic achievement in various subjects.
  • Arrange teacher assistants to provide in-class support to better cater for the individual differences of students with different abilities.
  • School-based Educational Psychologist and school-based Speech Therapist provide training workshops for teachers.
  • Make flexible use of school subsidies to provide school-based support services.
  • Systematically arrange further training for teachers to enhance their professional development.
  • Collaborate with professional organisations to hold study and training groups for students with Special Educational Needs.
  • Arrange school-based support groups for students with special learning needs.
  • School-based Speech Therapist conducts workshops for students.
  • Diversity talks are held regularly for students.
  • Train our students as young teachers and young pioneers to encourage and promote cooperative learning among peers.
  • Arrange inclusive activities to cultivate a spirit of respect and acceptance among students.
  • Promote home-school communication through phone calls, interviews, newsletters and school websites.
  • Organise parent meetings, talks and diverse workshops to promote home-school cooperation.
  • School-based Educational Psychologist and teachers regularly meet with parents who are in need of support.
  • Address:Estate Primary School Area 1, Tin King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
  • Telephone:2455 6111
  • Fax:2464 2990