Student Support

Provide and support students with special learning needs through the "Whole school approach", support their learning needs, help students adapt to school life and enhance their learning effectiveness.
  • The whole school participates to build a caring and inclusive culture.
  • Enhanced School-based Speech Therapy Grant
  • Homework and assessment adjustment arrangements for different subjects
  • Group teaching in small classes to take care of individual differences of students.
  • Teacher assistants assist the teachers in the lesson in order to better cater for the individual differences of students with different abilities.
  • Colleagues from fellow schools visited the school to exchange teaching experience and share successful experiences.
  • Systematic arrangements for teachers to further study to enhance teachers' professional development.
  • Educational psychologists and speech therapists provide training workshops for teachers.

Collaborate with professional bodies to organize study groups for students with special educational needs:

  • Speech therapists conduct workshops for students.
  • Diversity talks are held regularly for students.
  • Train our students as young teachers and young pioneers to encourage and promote cooperative learning among peers.

For parents
  • Regular parent-teacher meetings and parents talks are held to promote home-school cooperation.
  • Educational psychologists and teachers regularly meet with parents in need of support.
  • Facilitate home-school communication through phone calls, face-to-face interviews, home news and school website.
  • Educational psychologists and speech therapists conduct diversity workshops for parents.
  • Address:Estate Primary School Area 1, Tin King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
  • Telephone:2455 6111
  • Fax:2464 2990