Parent's Education Programme

To strengthen the communication and relationship between parents and their children, and to understand the student's learning situation and the problems they face, our school will set up a new free "Parent's Education Programme" for parents. By using a variety of different content, we aim to strengthen the role of parents in the family, let parents master practical parent-child communication skills and discipline methods, help children solve learning difficulties, and enhance collaboration with children. The programme further strives to improve children's interest, effectiveness, and self-confidence in learning. Ultimately helping children grow and develop in a safe and healthy environment.



School term opening ceremony Parents Talk

- Understand the goals, contents and reward plan of the Parents’' Learning Program
- Parents' lecture "Let children learn happily until they are happy when they study."

Child Reading Lectures

Participate in the “Joyful” reading journey with children to encourage parents to promote parent-child communication through reading and how cultivate children's interest in reading.

Gentle and firm

~ Capture the message of wrongdoing
~ Gentle and firm tutoring
~ Effectively deliver messages of encouragement and care.
~ How to be negotiable in disputes

Leather DIY

Participants make unique leather accessories to Develop their creative potential and Express their love for their families.

"6A Character Education" Parents’ Workshop

Family is the most important place to develop character. "6A Character Education”: this education model is to enable parents:
-To master a lasting and effective management teaching model,
-To learn how to apply parental influence on Children;
-To guide your children positively and
-To lead them to go in the right direction.
“6A Character Education” is the 6 principles of parenting:
A-APPRECIATION (appreciated)
A-ACCOUNTABILITY (responsibility)
A-AUTHORITY (authority)

Gentle and firm

Through creative art media such as painting, music, drama and dance, participants can create a comfortable and safe space to express their inner feelings and relieve the stress of being a caregiver Participants can reflect on themselves through the creative process, perceive the feelings of each part of their body, appreciate the body's senses and take care of their physical, mental and spiritual needs. Participants can share their feelings and build relationships with other parents through their creations, enhance mutual empathy, and gain support and recognition for parenting; artistic activities can activate the senses and kinetic energy, stretch and relax the body, to ease the emotions.

Alcohol painting

Alcohol ink replaces pens. Alcohol ink painting has no fixed frame and can have its unique style. It is simpler than drawing and reduces the artistic foundation dramatically, you can create unique products even though you may lack inspiration and talent. There is no failure in this fantastic ink painting process; there are many different styles, and you can create according to your feelings and establish a positive parent-child relationship.

Graduation ceremony

-Review all the different content throughout the school year.
-Let students share their growth and achievements.



Parents through parent-child music and painting sharing to learn how to lessen pressure.
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