Extracurricular Activities/Interest Classes

In order to cultivate the students' diverse abilities that they will need to face the coming new era, the school has set up a number of extra-curricular activity groups for them to participate in different areas. Students can choose to participate in a variety of activities according to their own interests and abilities.

Creative English Activities

English Drama

English Conversation Classes

English Enhancement Courses

(Mathematics/General Studies)

Creative English Fun Activities

English Foundation Course

English Musical

English Reading and Writing Class

English Pinyin Class

English Creative Writing Class

English Ambassador

Master of English storytelling

After school Intensive English Class (Mathematics/General Studies)

Cambridge English course (Starters/Movers/Flyers/Ket).


Creative Chinese activities

Chinese Verse Speaking Team

Chinese Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

Chinese Reading and Writing Team

Be able to speak well (Speech Class)




Robot class

LEGO Brick Engineer

Fun Maths Team

DIY Smart Toy DIY

Computer programming Class

Olympic Mathematic Preparatory Class and the School Team

Chinese Checkers

Table games



 ‘Paint a Rainbow’ Watercolor Class

Creative Thinking Painting Class

Little Pioneer of Art

Three-dimensional Handmade Craft

Chinese ink wash painting


Happy Clay Class

Beaded Stream

Cartoon comics

Creative colored sand painting for children

Little magician




Athletics School Team

Volleyball School Team

Fancy skipping rope

Latin Dance School Team

Martial Art School Team

Basketball School Team

Swimming Class

Badminton School Team

FlyBall School Team

Football School Team

Frisbee School Team

Chinese Dance School Team

Dragon Dance

Floor Ball Class

Swimming School Team

Juggling Class




Eco-friendly Percussion Music

Gu Zheng

Saxophone Class

Guitar Class

Theory of Music Class (Junior, Advanced)



Hand Clock Team

The School Band

Agitate for Beats


Brass Instrument Group






Social/ Introspective

Community Youth Club

Magic Bridge

Primary One Adaptation Group

Adaptation Course for Newly Arrived Children

School Reporters

Social Group

Boy Scouts


Growth Group

Understanding Adolescent Project

Focus Training Group

Library Prefect

Prefect training



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