One Sport One Art

One sport one art (“1S1A”) is a school-based curriculum activity adapted from the Central Curriculum. 1S1A deepens students’ understanding of arts and explores their potential in physical sports.
Development in Sports and Arts
P.1& P.2Touch Rugby
P.3 & P.4Floor Curling
P.5 & P.6Flying Disc


P.1 - P.3Rainbow bells
P.4 &P.5Melodica
P.6Ocarina and Cup Song

Touch Rugby

•Touch Rugby is a simple, safe yet fun way for students to learn about rugby. It cultivates team spirit, sportsmanship, respect and discipline amongst students

Flying Discs

•Flying Disc sports is a new sport played with plastic discs. A player tosses the disc into midair and the disc is then caught by himself/herself or other players.


• Like volleyball and tennis, Flyball divides players into two opposing sides in a sports court but the two sides are separated not by a net but by a no-man area. Flyball’s key feature is its varying ball motions and the players need to use the racket to catch the fast-moving ball tightly. In team matches, players need to take cover of each other to cover the whole side of the court. With the absence of team members, single matches require techniques and accurate judgment of the participants.

Rainbow bells

• Rainbow bells are painted with rainbow colors and marked with musical notes, making it more fun to learn about music. The bells are light and eyecatching and when rung together plays simple and beautiful tunes.


• The accordion is a type of wind instrument and falls in the same category as the harmonica. More precisely, it is a blow, instrument with a musical keyboard on top, and is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece on the side.


• The Ocarina is a very popular musical instrument which is very affordable and easy to learn for anyone without any musical background.

Cup Song

• When playing the Cup Song, students need to sing a song deftly, move around a plastic cup with their hands, while tapping the cup in rhythm.
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