Parent Teacher Association

The Ho Sau Ki Primary School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) aims to strengthen collaboration between the parents and teachers of this school, and to enhance the academic and physical development of our students.

Every year, our parent members enthusiastically take part in organizing recreational activities.
Not only in exchanging parenting experiences with each other but also in using the opportunity to meet other parents, and get to know each other. The aim of the Association is to create a communication channel between parents, teachers and the school. Only when parents and school work together as a team that we can achieve success regarding our children’s education.

Our goal is to nurture our children to become socially responsible citizens and pillars of society in the future so to provide them with a brighter tomorrow.

Message from the Chairlady

We strongly believe that parents and the school are the absolute collaborating partners in the process of educating children. We are grateful for Principal Chung, all teachers and parents who trust and support us all along. It is my privilege to be elected as the Chairlady of the 12th Parent Teacher Association of Sir Robert Black College of Education Past Students’ Association (SRBCEPSA) Ho Sau Ki School.

Home -school cooperation with a close connection is the ultimate mission and goal of our school. The purpose of home-school cooperation is to establish a good communication channel between parents and schools.  To create a good learning environment for children to grow ideally so that parents and teachers can build the relationship of trust.

PTA have organized various forms of activities for parents and students throughout the past years such as P.1 Admission Registration day, School Volunteer Services, Influenza Vaccination Day, Parent-Child Picnic, Charity Fair, Workshops and many more in which not only has increased the interaction and communication between parents and children, but also projected positive energy to each family that guides children to establish correct concepts and values.  At the same time, we’d like to thank all the teachers and committee members for their efforts and willingness to sacrifice their time to organize many activities. Moreover, we thank the parents for their recognition, support and full participation. 

In the days to come, PTA will continue to be the bridge of home-school communication, and through close contact to work together with principals, teachers, parents and students and establish hand in hand a harmonious school with caring, helpful, and healthy culture. We sincerely hope that everyone will actively join us in the parent volunteer team and participate in the activities organized by the PTA. Together experience in the “home-school cooperation” and grow happily with your children in the big family of “Ho Sau Ki School”!

At last, on behalf of the members of the Parent Teacher Association, I’d like to wish you all well and success in life!


The Chairlady of the 12th Parent Teacher Association

(Ms Ho Li Chong) 

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