Activity Snapshots

On November 19, 2022, the PTA hold a Parent-Child Fun Day, with the aim of strengthening the connection between families and schools and improving the family happiness index.

The P.T.A launches charity sale of pop coin and cotton floss

P.T.A will launch a love charity sale of popcorn and cotton floss to celebrate school open day and fun day.

P.T.A. conducts a love Mid-Autumn lanterns making workshop

Mid-Autumn Festival is a long lasting festival and valued a lot by Chinese.
From 10th September to 12th September. P.T.A organised a love Mid-Autumn lanterns marking wordshop.
A group of P.T.A members taught students to make Mid-Autumn lanterns making wholeheartedly so that the
students can give the finished lanterns to their family memlers to celebrate the festival.

P.T.A joined the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme 2019/20

P.T.A cares about the health of the students wholeheartedly.
On 22nd November, 2019, P.T.A joined the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme 2019/20,
students can receive free seasonal influenza vaccination at school for better protection against the
infection at the peak season of the influenza prevailing period.

P.T.A launched the Chinese Lunar New Year Charity sale

On the 11th January 2019, P.T.A conducted the Chinese Lunar New Year flowers and cotton floss charity sale
to celebrate the coming Lunar New Year and wishes all the families “Good health, best wishes”.

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