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    • Our school is the first of a hundred Hong Kong primary schools
      (WIFI 100) that joined the Support Scheme for e-Learning in

    • Our school is equipped with a wireless network for the use of Wi-Fi.

    • Our school is the 1st in Tuen Mun equipped with a fibre optical

    • We use tablets and e-Books for teaching and learning.

    • The management system of mobile devices helps promote e-learning
      in our school.

    This was the 1st year that we implemented the Support Scheme for e-Learning in Schools. 
    We hope the improvement of the wireless network’s basic equipment will coordinate with
    teachers and pupils using e-books & other teaching- and learning resources in classrooms.
    • We joined the ‘Samsung Smart School Citizenship Project’ and received 28 Samsung
      tablets for pupils to use in lessons.
    • Through the use of e-learning, we hope to cater for individual differences; develop
      pupils’ self-regulated skills; enhance pupils’ learning initiative and overall learning proficiency.

    <<All classrooms are equipped with a router for the wireless network. >>

    <<We joined the ‘Samsung Smart School Citizenship Program’
    and received tablets.>>



    <<The 1st primary school in Tuen Mun with an School Optical Network in 2015>>

    <<Fibre Optical Network Service coverage for the whole school.>>


    E-learning was introduced in all subjects and activities for the past two years.  Teachers tried to implement e-learning in teaching and learning.  Our plan included the followings:

    • We bought 68 tablets for pupils to use.
    • We bought a cart as battery charger of the tablets.
    • We used different apps during the lessons.
    • Pupils of all levels have had at least one chance to use tablets while learning Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies.
    • Pupils used tablets for Life-wide Learning activities outside classrooms.
    • We installed the wireless network receivers in every corner in our school.

    <<Pupils reading stories using tablets in English lessons.>>

    <<Pupils are looking at the learning content using AR Apps.>>

    <<Pupils are having a quiz exercise using the Moodle Platform.>>

    <<Pupils are using the tablets to take photos during the school picnic.>>

    <<Pupils are learning about ‘Coins’ using the tablets in a Maths lesson.>>

    <<The cart as a battery charger of the tablets. >>


    Starting from this year, we intend to assimilate e-learning into classroom learning.
    We have applied for the ‘Google Classroom’ platform through which each pupil now
    has an account for e-learning.

    • We use ‘Google Forms’ to do questionnaires and classroom learning.
    • Teachers try to use different e-learning platforms in classroom teaching to enhance
      pupils’ interest in learning. (E.g. Kahoot, Nearpod etc.)
    • We have bought the ‘Smart Class’ Tablet Classroom Management System that will be
      in use for 3 years.
    • We create school-based Apps for teaching and learning through the ‘Smart Apps Creator’.
    • We use ‘App Inventor’ & ‘Scratch’ to design our curriculum in computer lessons.
    • We added the Robot (Lego) curriculum in both lessons and extra-curricular activities.

    <<‘Google Classroom’ as used in classroom learning. >>

    <<‘Google Forms’ is used to do questionnaires. >>

    <<The ‘MDM’ Classroom Management System is used. >>


    <<The ‘Robot (Lego)’ Curriculum >>

    <<Teachers are using the ‘Nearpod’ platform in class. >>

    <<Teachers are sharing their teaching experiences of using ‘Google Classroom’.>>





    Estate Primary School Area 1, Tin King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
    Telephone:2455 6111 Fax:2464 2990 Email: info@hosauki.edu.hk