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    School History  

    S. R. B. C. E. P. S. A. Ho Sau Ki School was established on the first of September, 1989. The school is sponsored by Mr Ho Sau Ki , the chairman of the board of “The Lucky Group (Holdings) Limited.” He has donated a large amount of money toward furnishing and equipment in the school, and the school has been named after him.  


    The chairman of the board of the Lucky Group (Holdings) Limited ,
    Mr Ho Sau Ki

    The Managing Director of the Lucky Group (Holdings) Limited,
    Dr Ho Chung Sing


    School Mission  

    In order to fulfil the mission of our sponsoring body- the S. R. B. C. E. P. S. A., the central focus of our school is to train our pupils to be good at academic subjects, be faithful, be honest and be responsible. The first choice is to emphasize or personal development, especially intelligence, physical and co-operative skills. Moreover, all these virtues need to be equally developed. We also aim at educating young people to be polite, hard-working, self-disciplined, kindhearted, pleasant and dedicated to life-long study.


    Education Mission

    To teach students to self-learn, self-discipline, love self and each other, love the country and family, and make them understand and care other schoolmates, be considerate about their folks and relatives, be patriot to our country and respect tribe.


    Education Objectives

    Learning happily. Strive for self perfection; Stick to equal equalism, Provide equal education, Educate students according to diversity, Cater for diversity in Education
    Create a rich environment for wider education, Offer different opportunities for students,
    Develop multi-intelligence , Explore and encourage students talents,
    Nurture different abilities, Encourage positive thinking,
    Teach students to be brave and responsible, Educate students to give back to the community. 


    The administrative combination 

    Our school adopted to deliver Quality Education by establishing a School Executive committee over and above the school administrative sector. The members include: a principal, parent representatives, teacher representatives, teacher managers and senior teachers. The committee directly reports to the Board of Directors in order to ensure effective decision making, management and efficient support. The committee is formed by the following teams: the teaching and learning team, the school-culture and student-support team and the development team. Each team will propose a designed and revised policy.



    Estate Primary School Area 1, Tin King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
    Telephone:2455 6111 Fax:2464 2990 Email: info@hosauki.edu.hk