Curriculum goals:
1. To evoke students’ sense of aesthetics and expand their experiences of the arts 
2. To give students opportunities to share their feelings and thoughts through the arts. 
3. To develop a sense of appreciation for the arts. 
4. To widen students’ horizons by learning about the arts of different cultures 
5. To help build students’ characters, develop a sense of belonging in their own countries and in the world.

Learning goals
Cultivate creativity and imagination
Develop skills
Develop appreciation towards the Arts
Understand the Arts
Source of information - “Visual Arts Curriculum Guide”

Our school designed a variety of lessons to help students see the connection between the arts and life. Our lessons are well organized and focused on participation and displaying students’ art works. We also present different extra-curricular activities to widen students’ interest in the arts.

Happy lesson time

Students are creating their own funny glasses!

Our footprints

PMQ Arts

Papinee World

Charter Carnival