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Our school has aligned our guidance with the theme of the 2016/17 school year
“My Pledge to Act — Love and Care.From Self to Others”, aiming to rally concerted efforts of families,
schools and other stakeholders in society to develop students’ positive values and attitudes through collective
commitment. It is hoped that students will love and respect themselves, extend their love to others,
care for others’ situation and feelings as well as uphold the spirit of mutual love and help so that our society
will become better.


Good Student Award Scheme

Good Student Award Scheme(P1-P2)

Good Student Award Scheme(P3-P6)

1st term Award student


Theme: “My Pledge to Act — Love and Care.From Self to Others”


Aims: The EDB encourage schools to organize “My Pledge to Act 2017”.
The theme is “To Live a Healthy and Green Life” which aims at encouraging
students to cultivate environmentally friendly living habits and lead a healthy
lifestyle. It enables students to be aware of the current environmental
problems and willing to take action in their daily lives to protect the
environment. At the same time, it enhances students’ understanding
of the health benefits of adopting green lifestyle.
We hope that students, under the cooperation, support and
encouragement from all stakeholders, can set goals and put them into
practice as well as develop positive values and attitudes, including
perseverance, responsibility and commitment through collective

To promote this meaningful event, our school will conduct a series of related
activities from September to 5 May in this school year.  To achieve the best
results, you are cordially invited to participate in the activities and lend your
support to work with us to nurture positive values and attitudes in your
children. Thank you.



Life Education Theme


  • Strengthen students' sense of responsibility with regards to their duties;  
  • Cultivate discipline, courtesy and courage to take responsibility;
  • Improve student’s sense of responsibility and strengthen their team spirit,
    so that they will become aware of the importance of unity and compliance within a group.
  • Learn to respect each other and develop a spirit of mutual understanding.
  • Cultivate a spirit of self challenge in students.
  • Method of Implementation: Students will be reminded during class teacher lessons,
    civic education sections and morning assemblies. The ‘Conduct Assessment Policy"
    will be exercised when necessary.


Class Teacher Guidance / Reminding Students

School Rules

Duties of the Students

Lining up

  • Boys on the left, Girls on the Right
  • Wait & Keep Quiet
  • Line up quickly, quietly and in a straight line

Classroom Rules

  • Class Teachers implement the classroom rules with students at the beginning of each year
  • Bonus system are made clear
  • Inspire a spirit of respect and understanding
  • Create a caring and harmonious atmosphere

Make good use of the Homework Diary

  • Sort out schoolbag to reduce weight
  • Write in Homework Diary: note, homework or test dates
  • Check the Homework Diary: Avoid skipping to do homework

Use of Toilets

  • Walk on the left hand side in the corridor
  • Avoid watering the floors and be cautious of slippery floors
  • Flush the toilets and wash hands after using the toilet


  • Follow the lunch-time rules
  • Wash your hands and go to the toilet before lunch
  • Bring your own utensils


  • Smile and nod; say hello to people; speak softly
  • Listen to people: Always say "excuse me" or "thank you"
  • Hand things to others with both hands
  • Line up orderly

Walking up and down the stairs

  • Trend softly
  • Leave appropriate space between different classes to avoid collisions
  • Do not run on the stairs or in corridors

Classroom Rules

  • Raise your hand before speaking, and get the teacher’s approval
  • Keep your schoolbag neat
  • Show self-disciplined between periods


  • Finish your homework by yourself  Do your own homework
  • Submit your homework on time

Clean utensils

  • Bring utensils to school
  • Utensils are placed in order  Store utensils properly

Note: the points above can be amended by the class teacher to cater for unique individuals/groups in the school.
This policy can be effectively conducted if teachers consistently and continuously implement the rules for

Award of the Politest Students

Winners: 3B Cheung Tan Yan 6A Chow Kin Mei

Anti-drug Against Crime

Second Runner-up Anti-drug Against Crime’ Slogan Competition





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