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The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the school actively promotes the connection and communication between parents and schools, as well establishes partnerships.  Through cooperation between families and schools, we continue to promote the health development of our children in all aspects such as academically, physically, and mentally.  PTA holds various types of recreational activities to support the communication and strengthen the friendships among the PTA members, we also provide educational workshops to improve parenting skills for better relationships in families.  Overall, The Parent-Teacher Association is the communication bridge between teachers and parents; working side by side to educate and influence our children to be responsible and become successors for our society in the future.

< President of the Tenth PTA>
As The president of the 10th PTA of S.R.B.C.E.P.S.A Ho Sau Ki School First of all, I would like to thank Principal Zhong Yim Hong, the vice principal, all teachers, PTA members, and all parents for supporting me.  I have been in this position for a year; working together with many PTA members to work through many important and mild matters in school. We appreciate the trust from the school and parents allowing us to overcome many challenges over the year.  I will continue to be the steady bridge between school and parents. The school teachers will also aim higher in the coming academic year and nourish our children to be the potential leaders.
Ms. Li Wei (Parents of 3C Li Wen Ting)

Ms. Li Wei (Parents of 3C Li Wen Ting)


2017-2018 PTA year around activity chart




Parents talk and workshops


Tenth Annual Conference of Parents and Teachers Associations


Vaccination Subsidy Scheme 2017/18


Chinese New Year Flowers & Charity Bazaar


<Year of the dog PTA school joined Picnic >


Parents’ Appreciation to Teachers Activity


Alumni banquet 2017-2018


The 10th Annual Conference
The PTA 10th Annual Conference held on 21st of December, 2017. The position and duties of our PTA members and teachers are listed below:


The 10th Annual Conference
The PTA 10th Annual Conference held on 21st of December, 2017. The position and duties of our PTA members and teachers are listed below:

position & duties

PTA members


PTA President

Ms Li Wei
(3C parent of Lee Man Ting)


PTA Vice President

Ms Chau Fung Lin
(6A parent of Wong Chung Hung)

Chung Yim Hung


Ms. Wu Chuan Ju
(3A parent of Zheng Chu Chu Lisa)

Miss Kee Ming Yee


Ms. Chan Quan Quan
(4A parent of Cheng Sze Hon)

Miss Ip Wai Man

Academic advisor

Ms. Wu Yan Ping
(5B parent of Wu Lifeng)

Miss Tsui Ka Yee

General advisor

Ms. Li Hui Juan
(Parent of 2B Luo Xin,
5B Luo Manli)

Miss Li York Lan


Activity advisor

Ms. Yung Kwan
(5D Parent of NG PUI NGAI)

Mr Chueng Ching Ho



Ms Wang Er Na

Miss Kwok Suet Mui


The grand opening of the 10th Annual Conference Ceremony!

School Principal distributing Appreciation Awards & Souvenirs for PTA members and volunteers!


Name of parent volunteer

Children attend classes

Tang Cheng qun

1A Liu Kai

Fan Liujuan

1A Zheng Ting yu

Ms. Cao Lina

1A Aikoko

Ms. Zhao Min

1A Dai Zihao

Ms. Wang Fengzhen

1A Ren Qihao

Ms. Weiwei Wei

1A Kong Tsz Fei

Ms. Chen Xiaolin

1B Chen Ming zhi

Ms. Xie Li

1B Tang Jian xiang

Ms. Wang Meijing

1C Wang Yi Chen

Cao Hengxi

1C Chen Si Wei

Ms. Lin Meijun

1C Zhong Jun Cheng  2D Zhong Jun Xue 4A Zhong Junzhe

Wang Erna

1C Mai Xin yi 4C Mai Xin jia 6A Mai Xin qing

Li Daiqun

1D Tiffany

Ms. Zhou Xiejun

1D Xiao Jing yu

Mr. Luo Jianhua

1D Luo Jun yu

Xu Huaiyu

1E You Jia jun

Ms. Hu Yan

1E Guan Zhi heng

Ms. Wang Dan

1E Fu Min si

Ms. Li Huijuan

2B Luo Xin  5B Luo Manli

Ms. Wang Xiuzhen

2B Liang Yi

Ms. Zeng Weiwei

2B Zeng Jun

Ms. Zheng Chunfen

2D Lu Canming 4C Lu Hao

Huang Wenyi

2D Wong man man

Miss Liang Meifang

2D Chen Yuqi


3A Lu Weishun 5B Lu Yanping

Wen Wenmei

3A Chen Yican

Ms. Kang Hong

3A Kang Yixin

Ms. Yang Qiuling

3A Zheng Yixin

Miss Wu Chuanju

3A Zheng Chuchu

Ms. Li Wei

3C Li Wenting

Ms. Liang Dekun

3C Wu Yicheng

Ms. Zhang Yunxia

3C Lai Jiaxin

Mr. Lin Yutian

3D Lin Zicong

Ms. Chen Quanquan

4A Zheng Sihan

Ms. Deng Jieying

4B He Zhuojie

Li Haisong

4C Li Danyao

Miss Lili Lian

4D Huang Yingying

Wu Xiaomei

4D Lai Ming

Ms. Yue Yueying

4D Yan Xiaojun

Ms. Jiang Shaoyan

4D Tang Qiaoyi

Ms. Guo Yanfen

4D Wu Yuying

Shen Zhilan

4E District Hao

Ms. Guo Huizhen

4E Zhuang Yihui

Ms. Sun Lingling

4E Yang Yiting

Ms. Wu Yanping

5B Wu Lifeng

Ms. Chen Xuebing

5C Lu Huaming

Ms. Weng Qun

5D Wu Peiyi

Ms. Zou Fenglian

6A Huang Zongxiong

School Orchestra Performance

Group photo of the PTA members and the parents.

 Parenting Talks and Workshops
PTA has been holding parents talks and workshops on 22nd of August, 2017. We felt privileged to have Dr. Tam Po Ling to speak with us about the parenting theme “5 Strategies on nourishing young children” based on whole person education foundation from “ ICAN ”. We empower children, and promote the four psychological strengths of their personalities; encourage parents and children to grow and raise together, and to develop a healthy and happy home. The content of this workshop includes elements of a happy and healthy family; parents’ roles; the five strategies on shaping happy and healthy children. There were in total a hundred participants in this event.

Dr. Tam Po Ling earnestly sharing “The five major strategies on nurturing children

Parents joyfully participated in the workshop

Parents are grateful for Dr. Tam Po Ling
PTA “Influenza Vaccine Subsidy Program 2017/2018”
PTA heartfelt cares for students’ healthiness and participated in the “Influenza Vaccine Subsidy Program” on 24th October, 2017. Students could receive the vaccine in our school for preventing the infectious seasonal influenza virus during the peak season in winter. Our school has 360 participants in total.

Nurses helping students with registration

Nurses measure temperature for students

Nurses carefully injecting vaccine for students

Students could avoid from being infected during the peak season of winter flu.
PTA hosts bazaar event selling New Year flowers and cushions
PTA hosted a New Year flowers and cushions bazaar on 20th January, 2018. In celebrating the Lunar New Year, and best wishing each family with great healthiness and prosperity!

Popcorn and cotton candy bazaar event

PTA selling New Year flower

Everybody please come and buy these beautiful flowers!

New Year flower bazaar event

Cushion bazaar event

‘Year of the dog’ PTA Joined School Picnic
PTA hosted a picnic on March 4, 2018; we had approximately 360 people participated in this event. It has provided great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge, and also allowed the relationships improvement between parents and children.

A group picture of 360 people in front of "Lions Nature Education Centre”

Parents picture in the Reptile Hall

Students appreciate the various kinds of ocean specimen

Group picture in the aquarium

Group picture of teachers in the exhibition hall

PTA executive and parents

Students happily making paper planes

I made it!

Students enjoying the outdoor environment!

Parent-child homemade eco-friendly windmill

Ngo Yue and parents created eco-friendly windmill

Bing Bing and parents created eco-friendly windmill

King Ho and mommy created eco-friendly windmill



We made it, let’s action to protect the environment!

Teachers group picture in front of Victoria Harbor lighthouse


Parents’ Appreciation to Teachers Activity
PTA takes part in “Parents Appreciate to Teachers” event on 10th May, 2018. PTA executive, Miss Li Wai, presents the appreciation cards to each teacher on behalf of all parents, to express their gratitude towards the teachings of all the loving teachers, in carrying forward the wonderful traditional culture, and to set a great example of respecting our teachers.

Picture pending

PTA executive, Miss Li Wai, presents the appreciate cards to each teach on behalf of all parents



Help of Lunch Parents
A group of loving mothers helped with coordinating lunch for students; to demonstrate the spirit of serving others,
and to become students’ examples.

Thank you all loving mothers for having lunch with us!











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