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I. Extra-curricular Activities(2018-2019)

Upon the scope to broaden the horizons and nourishments of our students to accomplish a holistic yet balanced development, our school is devoted to provide students a wide variety of activities, such as:
To broaden our students horizons and nurture them toward a holistic yet balanced development our school is devoted to providing them with a wide variety of activities such as: 

  • Uniformed Clubs
  • Training Clubs
  • Interest Clubs

Students should choose their activities according to their interests and abilities.


*Latin Dancing for Kids P.1-5

*Kung Fu P.1-6

Gu Zheng(P.2-6)

Saxophone(Junior) P.2-6

Athletics P5-6

Cambridge Course (starters/movers/flyers) P.1-6

Brass Instrument P.2-6

STEM Engineer P.2-6

Social skills group P.1-6



Swimming A P.1-6

Olympic Mathematics P.3
Olympic Mathematics P.4

Olympic Mathematics P.5-6

Accordion P.3-6

Guitar P.3-6

Badminton Team P.3-6

Basketball P.3-5

Concentration Training Group P.1-6



*Chinese Dance P.1-6

Chinese Enhancement Class (NCS)

Athletics P5-6

English musical P.2-6

Robots P.4-6

Alto Saxophone(Advanced) P.2-6

Rugby P.3-6

Flute P.2-6

EQ group P.1-6




Swimming A P.1-6

Boy Scouts P.1-6

Brownies P.1-6

Olympic Mathematics P.2

Football Team P.4-6

School Reporters P.3-6

*Percussion P.2-6

Executive Skills Training Group P.1-6



English Ambassador P.2-6

Athletic Team P.3-6

*Football P.1-3

Taekwondo (P.1-6)

Swimming Class B P.1-6

Chinese Dance(Elementary) P.1-3

Chinese Dance(Advanced) P.4-6

Go P.1-6

Harmonica P.1-6

Robots P.1-6

STEM Science programme P.1-6

Hip Hop P.1-6




School Band (Junior) P.1-5

School Band (Advanced) P.2-6

Swimming Class C P.1-6

Phonic Courses (Junior) P.1-P.2

Phonic Courses (Advanced) P.4-6



II.Multi-intelligence Activities & School based Programs

Aim: Developing learning skills and enhancing knowledge. Fostering their health and enhancing self management skills. Developing communication- and social skills. Offering a balanced education for whole person development.

Time & Date : Every Wednesday 2:20pm-3:20pm 








III. Life-long Learning Activities

To value with equal importance all the aspects of a child’s development - academic, aesthetic, emotional, moral, physical, social and spiritual through the activities launched by school and other associations (e.g. sports and arts activities, field trips, students exchange programs, community services and work related experiences)

EDB Life-wide Learning


IV. Students Activities for a whole year

Apart from the normal school lessons, our school also present extra school activities. e.g. Sports Days and School Picnics. Through these activities, we strive to enhance our pupils’ knowledge and interests in group activities.



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